Jan 20

You Are My Salvation

A Song of Hope

Rick Lee James
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When the grief is threatening to do me in…

We seem to be in a season of life when we are surrounded by loss. There are plenty of reasons for this but there are no good answers. Friends are experiencing the loss of loved ones. Sickness is everywhere we turn. Abnormal is the new normal.

When the pain is crushing and I can’t escape…

I don’t always know what is appropriate to say when a friend is hurting. In fact, I know simply being a quiet presence is often the best thing, to simply be there and not say a thing.

Even in death’s shadow, on the darkest night…

But if I am going to make a sound, I want the words I speak (or in this case the words I sing) to count. Sometimes all I know to do when I’m feeling lost is to sing about Salvation, so if you are feeling that way too, here is a song for you.

You are my Salvation…