Rick Lee James's New Radio Single Hits Top 20 Radio Charts

Shine A Light In The Darkness Releases July 23rd

Hello friends, I have some exciting news to share. As you may know I have a new single releasing on July 23rd called Shine A Light In The Darkness.

Last week the song was sent to over 1600 radio stations internationally and this past Sunday I found out the song is charting at # 9 and # 16 on the Daily Play MPE Top 20 charts. (This simply that means the song is being added to quite a few radio stations!)

If you click the pictures below you can see other songs/artists that are currently being added. I feel very blessed to be in their company and am so grateful to all of the stations who are adding Shine A Light In The Darkness.

You can Pre-Save Shine A Light In The Darkness at this link and stream it as soon as it releases on July 23rd. https://show.co/2k5bGNV

Thanks so much for all your love and support and for celebrating with me on this upcoming release!


Rick Lee James