Rick Lee James Releases New Single Today - You Are My Salvation

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Rick Lee James - You Are My Salvation


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Lyrics - You Are My Salvation

Verse 1

When the waves are crashing and the storm won’t calm

When I’ve lost direction and I can’t find home

When my guiding stars are hidden by the clouds

And the waves are surging in to pull me down

I will call on Him who calms the raging seas

Trusting he’ll be stronger than the storms in me

When my journey takes me to the great unknowns

You are my Salvation

Verse 2

When I’ve lost myself and fallen to my sin

When my shame blinds me to all the grace you give

When I’ve placed my trust in lies that I’ve believed

And I wonder how my God could still love me

Christ is interceding when I cannot pray

Groaning words unknown that I may still be saved

My lament for sin now turns to songs of praise

You are my Salvation

Verse 3

When the night surrounds me and my fears begin

When my grief is threatening to do me in

When the pain is crushing and I can’t escape

When the strength I had is slowly drained away

Even in death’s shadow on the darkest night

There is not one breath that you have not supplied

Give me faith my Lord that with the Son I’ll rise

You are my Salvation

Verse 4

When the dawn breaks through and we are truly healed

When we climb the stairs to what will be revealed

When our days are lighted by the Risen Lamb

When our tears are wiped away by God’s own hand

When creation’s birth is finally made complete

When all guests are seated at the Savior’s feast

What a day of gladness when we join their song

You are my Salvation

CCLI Song # 7171093

BMI Work #: 50386133

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