Revolutionize the Way You Discover New Songs of Worship!

Worship Underground

Hello Friends,

Rick Lee James here! I am so pleased to tell you about a great new music service that

is offering many of the songs that I have written for worship.

It’s called Worship Underground.

Worship Underground is a brand new streaming service that delivers the best

new and undiscovered songs from key publishers, emerging songwriters, and

rising church movements—and it is absolutely FREE!

You will save hours of your time searching the Internet for the best new songs. All

songs are sorted by new and trending as well as publisher and category channels (e.g.

Easter, Christmas, Communion, Opening songs and more) for your convenience. WU

also makes it easy for you to share the best new songs with your worship team

members and fellow worshipers as well.

As you and your team listen and vote for your favorite new songs, you will help those

songs be heard by other worshipers around the world—helping move those songs from

“obscurity to opportunity!”

Worship Underground