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Episode 441: For Love of Neighbor - Politics For The Common Good Film Synopsis

Voices In My Head ( The Rick Lee James Podcast)

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Episode 441: For Love of Neighbor - Politics For The Common Good Film Synopsis

Web Site: https://faithandpubliclife.com/flon/

A documentary film directed by Ryan Patch, For Love of Neighbor: Politics for the Common Good tells the stories of three individuals—Sen. Tim Scott, Justin Giboney, and Sarah Imboden—who, on different levels and in distinct ways, are seeking to engage faithfully in contemporary American politics.

The film does not provide specific answers for how Christians should engage in politics: prescribing who they should vote for or what specific policies they should support. Instead, it explores foundational questions about the purpose (and limits) of politics and the proper Christian posture toward government and secular society. Ultimately, the film aims to spark further discussion and offer a hopeful vision for Christian participation in contemporary public life.

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